Fall Great Banquet

                                    Held at Camp Lawrence in  Valapariso                                                 Women's held   October 4th thru October 7th


                                     Two Adult Study Classes begin September 9th at 9:00 am  

                            Church School for Grades K - 5th begins September 9th at 10:30 am

First Presbyterian Church of Highland

8727 Delaware St.

Highland, IN 46322


                    GLADYS' TABLE

                   A free community meal

        October 27th,  2018 from 12-1 PM




 The next meeting will be on Thursday,  October 4th at the home of  Peggy Fozkos.  They will be discussing the book "Anatomy of a Miracle" by  Jonathan Miles. 



Our mission statement is to be the HEART, HANDS, and FEET of Jesus Christ in the world

congregation of faith

​​​About First Presbyterian Church

Who We Are

As God’s children, we have been given gifts to serve our Lord Jesus Christ, the congregation and the community with our time, energy, talents, and financial resources.  Our endeavor is to embody Christ’s church by being open to all persons and to strengthen each other spiritually through communal worship, service, education and fellowship.  By empowering members through our ministries, we strive to increase our service and spread the message of God’s love through our actions.